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DLChic: Games & Fashion
First Person Style
{dragon age 2} posse

"I love fashion as a form of expression... I think it's an incredible way for you to express to the world how you're feeling, and I love that you change it from day to day."

Christina Hendricks, Harper's Bazaar

"You will be who you will be. We are our choices."

Helios, Deus Ex

Welcome to DLChic*, a LiveJournal community dedicated to the intersection between games and fashion.

Gamer chic, first person style, player character couture, DPS diva, video game vogue, tabletop trendsetter. Whatever term you wish to call it, the purpose of this community is to take the games we love as inspiration and show how someone could or would apply it to an aspect of one's daily life--in this case, through clothing. Members are free to post almost anything both game- and fashion-related, such as official art, fanart, DIY tutorials and links to odds and ends found scattered about the Internet. Especially encouraged are actual daily outfits, even if only a part of it is relevant.

Aside from the guidelines for posts, there are a few extra caveats that aren't explicitly stated:
  • This is NOT a strictly female-only community. What is considered "acceptable" attire for men can be ridiculously restrictive, but all degrees along the gender spectrum are absolutely free to post as well. Be creative!

  • Cosplay is acceptable, but ideally the goal of this community is to feature "daily wear" inspired by games. That said, if you're someone who wears such outfits on a daily basis, I'd say there really isn't a need to restrict the definition.

  • While it was a large part of what helped me, personally, to get creative, this isn't exactly the place to discuss body acceptance and confidence. However, it's perfectly fine to include your personal story in a post so long as it also features relevant material. Similarly, discussion about gender roles in games are encouraged should it stem from fashion, though given the controversy that emerges with it, be aware that such topics will be closely monitored.

  • Games based on series that are more popular elsewhere (e.g. Star Wars) exist and are acceptable as a basis. Still, an outfit highlighting Mira of KOTOR2 is more preferred over one based on, say, Jar Jar Binks or even Darth Vader (how about using Darth Traya as a focus instead?).

  • Tabletop RPGs are a new love and obsession of the mod, and have thusly been included in the local definition of "game".

  • Reiterating for its importance: Personal attacks over a poster's style or appearance WILL NOT be tolerated. This is NOT about what is or isn't faux pas in your eyes, my eyes, or anyone else's. The notion of "fashion" and "style" here never is and will never be used from a prescriptive POV. If you really do wish for this kind of feedback, all comments should be put forth in a constructive format. The goal is not to hone in on or advocate any particular way of dressing or body type, but rather to see how one can take something (games) that he or she has some level of passion for and let it manifest in a different form.

If you're looking for an example of what is to be expected, I highly recommend visiting Fashion Tips From Comic Strips, a tumblr made by Betty Felon dedicated to the fashion of and inspired by comic books. Two interviews with her (here and here) are also very relevant and worth a read.

Similarly, when looking for communities and websites that already focused on these, I ran into this tumblr. It's since become inactive, but many of the entries are right up this community's alley. More recently I located Character-Inspired Style, a tumblr dedicated to a broader scope. This one utilizes Polyvore exclusively (see below).

Looking for some other sources of inspiration? Wardrobe Remix is a great place to see how other people use one particular piece of clothing multiple ways. Often I'll adapt outfits from others based on what I own, changing only colors or style to suit what I want. Other similar venues are LOOKBOOK.nu (a little easier to search given its focus) and, as mentioned, Polyvore, which can additionally be used to create looks without having to take pictures of yourself.

* I'll admit it's a name name chosen more for its pleasant phonetics than its relation to games...
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{dragon age 2} posse
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